We have recently negotiated and secured our newest make-up program with Glamatron Studios. The Enlighten Certification Program promises to be our most anticipated program yet. It is a fast paced, fully loaded and fun program that takes a month to complete. It is offered to current students within the Elite Program exclusively. Once finished, students will be able to move forward into the amazing world of make-up artistry.

This course is exclusive to Bella Elite Students in Western Canada and offered here, in Lethbridge at our campus. We pride ourselves on bringing this high quality educational team from Toronto  to our students locally. It is one of our many commitments to excellence.


A Private, Educational Studio located in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Offering luxury Make-Up Services, High Quality Education, Cosmetic Products and World Class Artists. Our programs offered here at Bella Elite are conducted and overseen by the Creative Artistic Director, Shane Carroll, their most celebrated Artist. You can find him on our educators page for more information. Or to learn more please visit GlamatronStudios.com.


The Enlighten Program is set up to create success in all of our make-up students. Once certified you'll be able to work anywhere in the make-up industry. It's a fun, fast paced and highly educational program. Three main modules make up this program. AXIOM, VANGUARD & SPFX.  Additional modules for STUDIO are set up as awards and for select students. Seats for these courses are reserved exclusively for Bella Elite students.


Students certified in axiom will be prepared and ready for work in retail level beauty, basic special event make-up and salon beauty make-up environments.This course contains quizzes, full methodical certification on all techniques and a final exam. It is packed full with hands on practice and applications. Each student is required to participate in full applications of make-up with many more opportunities to work on focus areas of beauty applications.

  • Five Days.

  • Beginner Theory, Practice, Fundamentals.

  • Three Quizzes and One Exam.

  • Retail/Salon Level Certification.

  • Colour Theory, Tools & Products, Face Shape & Anatomy, Skin, Face, Eye, Safety, Special Event MUP,  Adornment and History.

  • Several Make-Up Applications


An extensive basic kit is provided. It includes several cosmetic items and tools.


In the second week of the course we find more advanced make-up techniques. Vanguard is broken into four modules.

Bridal: A full day with fast paced information and applications. The day is spent focusing on the special needs of brides and their bridal parties. Quick fixes, setups, codes of conduct and touch-ups are included.  This day includes time for full make-up applications, theory and consultation.

Airbrush: Students are introduced to their compressor and airbrush along with all related equipment and make-up. They learn the different techniques used and the required attention to equipment and materials needed to achieve amazing results. We cover advanced colour theory, equipment maintenance, full applications and consultations.

Fantasy: Students are given the opportunity, time and materials to express their creativity. Idea developments, creation of expectations, face and body charting, full execution of make-up applications and adornments are all part of this exciting module.

Backstage: The most advanced technical days so far. Students learn how to create make-up applications designed for video, film, television and photography. They learn new communication skills and ways to work within the industry. This module contains hi-definition techniques, set etiquette, lighting theory, portfolio discussion, special appearance make-up, red carpet make-up, film union theory and discussion, runway make-up, fashion collections breakdown, men’s make-up and industry events.

  • Eight Days.

  • Advanced theory, Practice and Development.

  • One Quiz. One Exam.

  • Freelance/Professional Level Certification.

  • Advanced Colour Theory, Bridal Skills & Considerations, Kit Building, Air Brush Skills & Practice, Fantasy Composition, and Back Stage Theory for Photography & Runway.

  • Multiple Make-Up Applications.

  • Instructor Demonstrations.


Additional items are available at added cost. These items are not required but give added value to the course modules.


The Glamatron approach to SPFX is unique. Through practice, attention to detail and hands on learning the student exercises their previously learned prowess in everything they do. Students will spend time learning the required theory and techniques for nose restructuring, bruising, black eyes, cuts and scrapes, application of hair, illness, stitches, contusions, puncture & knife wounds, appliance application, silicone effects, pros-aide transfers, all degrees of burns, frostbite, bullet wounds, safety, prosthetics, tools and equipment, sweat & tears and vein work.

While theory and understanding are very important, at the base of this module, practice is the main area of focus throughout. Students are given multiple opportunities to fully execute their skills and to be certified in all areas.

  • Five Days.

  • Introduction and execution for Film, TV and Productions.

  • Entry Level Certification.

  • Instructor Demonstrations.

  • Advanced Colour and Materials Theory, nose restructuring, bruising, black eyes, cuts & scrapes, application of hair, illness, stitches, contusions, wounds, appliance application, pros-aide transfers, burns, frostbite, bullet wounds, safety,  tools and equipment, sweat & tears and vein work.

  • Students are certified based on Skill Demonstration and Knowledge base.


Access to Master Kits (latex, blood, colloidal, hair lace, hair wefts, appliances, prosthetics, glue etc.) These kits are offered by the Academy and Studio.

Effects fluids | Fake Blood | Nose Putty | Tools


Due to the nature of these kits, they are subject to change and substitution on an ongoing basis.

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