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With a passionate and galvanized working style, Tyler comes to the Elite team with an expertise and understanding that few in the barber industry get to experience. He drives motivation and learning in all of the students that get to work with him here at the academy. In addition to being one of our Elite Team Members, Tyler is also Owner and Barber of Bridge City Barbers, located in Snip Style Lounge. Tyler's education came from graduation from the London School of Beauty's - Old School Barber Program in Vancouver. He continues to grow in many environments, as all of our best educators do, in Rotterdam, Netherlands with an advanced course in Master Barbering from Schorems Old School Barber Academy. Tyler has many activities within his repertoire. He enjoys motorcycles, hiking, movies, and actively participates in Professional Kickboxing & Bodybuilding Competitions. He is also very musically inclined and has played in bands for over 20 years, most notably the successful rockabilly/punk band, The Phantom Creeps.

Educator: Barber

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