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Throughout his 20 years in the beauty industry, Shane was taught to hone and strengthen his skills by some of the finest educators, artisans and creative authorities in make-up, hair, fashion, media production, music, and the graphic and fine art schools of thought. His well-rounded education was not only one of abstract concepts, and concrete foundational knowledge, but also that of hard work and perseverance. He has many fond memories of work with cosmetic companies, dramatic productions, salons, media events, musicians, the entertainment industry and artists from all walks of life. Having worked in many creative environments, his passion to convey an exquisite pageant of imagery is seen in many mediums. He has worked as a creative platform hair stylist, an industry Make-Up Artist for many major players in the cosmetic industry, as freelance Make-Up Artist for runway and print, and as a personal Make-Up Artist for many celebrities. He is also a graphic artist and consultant, imaging re-touch artist, multimedia production designer, and event manager. He also cherishes his involvement and contributions to the fashion industry and its many counterparts. Whilst not everyone has the same emotional response or reaction to his work, Shane’s life work is to provoke a distinct experience.

Media Director | Educator

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