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Having been born into a family saturated by the industry, Kayla has throughout her life, been poised to embark on a monumental journey into beauty. In this life she has had experiences working with some of the top educators, artists, technical advisers and leaders in the industry. Kayla has owned and managed a Beauty Salon, as well as worked and volunteered in other Beauty Academies. These experiences paired with her inherent talent to motivate, have given her the insight with which she is able to deeply inspire the people around her. This inspiration, along with her determination and hard work ethic has ensured that her path has opened up to include a journey and venture into the realm of elite beauty education. Kayla has had formal and abstract education in the beauty industry her whole life. And upon reflection into what she saw from this participation, felt that she was able to fill a niche in our ever growing industry. Kayla’s commitment to her students is a profound one, where having an inclusive, open minded environment and pledge to excellence are everyday occurrences.

Owner | Academy Director

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