Having been born into a family saturated by the industry, Kayla has throughout her life, been poised to embark on a monumental journey into beauty. In this life she has had experiences working with some of the top educators, artists, technical advisers and leaders in the industry.


Kayla has owned and managed a Beauty Salon, as well as worked and volunteered in other Beauty Academies.  These experiences paired with her inherent talent to motivate, have given her the insight with which she is able to deeply inspire the people around her. This inspiration, along with her determination and hard work ethic has ensured that her path has opened up to include a journey and venture into the realm of elite beauty education. Kayla has had formal and abstract education in the beauty industry her whole life.  And upon reflection into what she saw from this participation, felt that she was able to fill a niche in our ever growing industry.


Kayla’s commitment to her students is a profound one, where having an inclusive, open minded environment and pledge to excellence are everyday occurrences.


Lead Educator: Beginner Program & Theory

Lorna has been a stylist since 1973, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our students. Lorna has been an educator in Cosmetology for over 10 years in British Columbia and Alberta, she has been a Salon Owner as well as manager of several salons across Central and Northern Alberta for 18+ years. Lorna has her National Association of Career College Instructor for Development Program/teaching in Private Colleges, Designing Instructor for Adult Education with her IDP  101, 102 & 103 Assessment and Evaluation. Some of Lorna’s attributes that she has achieved over the years: Educator in Joico, certified in Paul Mitchell colors/cuts, certified in Wella products and color.


Lorna is a kind and patient person who takes pride in seeing her students succeed. She is always excited to pass on her passion and high quality expertise to her students.


Lead Educator: Makeup Artistry

Throughout his 20 years in the beauty industry, Shane was taught to hone and strengthen his skills by some of the finest educators, artisans and creative authorities in make-up, hair, fashion, media production, music, and the graphic and fine art schools of thought. His well-rounded education was not only one of abstract concepts, and concrete foundational knowledge, but also that of hard work and perseverance.  He has many fond memories of work with cosmetic companies, dramatic productions, salons, media events, musicians, the entertainment industry and artists from all walks of life.


Having worked in many creative environments, his passion to convey an exquisite pageant of imagery is seen in many mediums. He has worked as a creative platform hair stylist, an industry Make-Up Artist for many major players in the cosmetic industry, as freelance Make-Up Artist for runway and print, and as a personal Make-Up Artist for many celebrities. He is also a graphic artist and consultant, imaging re-touch artist, multimedia production designer, and event manager. He also cherishes his involvement and contributions to the fashion industry and its many counterparts. Whilst not everyone has the same emotional response or reaction to his work, Shane’s life work is to provoke a distinct experience.


Educator: Intermediate Program & Examination

Vicky has been an active, successful stylist for 28 years and has been instructing for 19 of those years.  

She has taught all aspects of Cosmetology, developed course material and graded practical and theory work at the high school, college and beauty academy levels.


As an instructor she is very encouraging and motivating.  She has an ability to teach others in a way that brings out the best in them.  Vicky loves to see the aha moment in her students as they grasp a new skill or concept.

Through Vicky's journey she has gained advanced training in colouring and cutting through such companies as: Matrix, ISO, Scruples, and American Crew.


Vicky brings her years of experience to Bella Elite Beauty Academy and looks forward to working with our team and students each and every day. 



With 30 years in the industry, Kristi has worked in Salons across Canada and the United States. Early in her career she spent time working closely with a modelling agency, teen pageants, as well as fashion shows.


In Idaho, she expanded her skills by attending theatrical make-up and lighting courses while working at a salon nearby. Later in Washington she earned her State cosmetology license and worked there and other States while raising her family of six amazing daughters. Kristi feels it’s been a privilege to have had so many opportunities, and to work in these capacities.


Kristi is very kind hearted and talented. She gets along easily with others and her sense of humor and helpful techniques make the learning experience fun. She loves watching confidence grow as she encourages the incredible abilities within her students. Kristi’s strong work ethic, excitement for learning, along with the contagious attitude that "Believing in Yourself is Half the Battle to Success”; make her a strong asset to our elite team of educators.



With over 30 years of experience, a positive attitude and an amazing work ethic, Denise brings a unique perspective and wonderful vibe to her position on the Salon Floor. A love for beauty and what it can do for clients brought Denise to the Bella Elite team. Her love for education and working with students is a passion that aligns her with our values.


Having spent almost a decade in Salon Management with numerous opportunities to partake in advanced color and cutting courses has allowed Denise to hone her skills in an ever evolving industry with fast paced and vibrant environments. She even spent a spell in Australia.

Having a robust family life with children and grandchildren is a passionate and wonderful part of her life. Her family extends to the Bella Elite team and her students everyday. She loves to travel and spend leisure time on the golf course, among many other things.


We are truly delighted to have Denise as part of our team.  She is excited everyday to help challenge, motivate and teach our students.



With a passion for all things related to the beauty industry, Jessica supports her students with knowledge and understanding in many forms. She has been a part of the beauty industry for more that 20 years and is still every bit as enthusiastic as she was at the beginning. 


Jessica's continuing quest for knowledge and her ability to relay this knowledge in a relevant way to her clients and students is one of the many highlights of her career. She also owns and operates in many capacities in other parts of the beauty industry. as well as owning her own local beauty based business that specializes in micro-blading, lash extensions, waxing and skin care, she is also a make-up artist working in professional capacities around the city.


Jessica has been a wife to her husband and a mother to her children for many years. Her family is a source of true pride. She spends time puttering in her studio, being with friends and has a special place in her heart for woman's empowerment and issues.



Having a rich background and interest in everything to do with the beauty industry, Aaliyah comes by her high quality artistry and craft honestly. She has spent many years watching and learning from highly skilled professionals and artisans alike.


Her experience and inspiration are limitless, and backed by her highly motivated style and eye for fashion, she brings a youthful and fresh approach to services here at Bella Elite. She is truly a valued member of our team.


Aaliyah has been trained and mentored by some of Canada's best educators. And has acclaimed high regard from her peers and co-workers alike. She can be found helping or motivating students around her, or in turn, providing the best quality services our team has to offer.



With a passionate and galvanized working style, Tyler comes to the Elite team with an expertise and understanding that few in the barber industry get to experience. He drives motivation and learning in all of the students that get to work with him here at the academy. In addition to being one of our Elite Team Members, Tyler is also Owner and Barber of Bridge City Barbers, located in Snip Style Lounge.

Tyler's  education came from graduation from the London School of Beauty's - Old School Barber Program in Vancouver. He continues to grow in many environments, as all of our best educators do, in Rotterdam, Netherlands with an advanced course in Master Barbering from Schorems Old School Barber Academy.

Tyler has many activities within his repertoire. He enjoys motorcycles, hiking, movies, and actively participates in Professional Kickboxing & Bodybuilding Competitions. He is also very musically inclined and has played in bands for over 20 years, most notably the successful rockabilly/punk band, The Phantom Creeps.



With many years of operational reception experience, Christine brings a unique and fresh perspective on all of her activities in Bella Elite's front end. With this experience she brings a smile and a knowledge few have of the dedication it takes to manage all of our students, clients and faculty. She seamlessly organizes our interviews, appointments and schedules all while accommodating all of our clients needs.

With a zest for meeting new people, learning new things and engaging with everyone around her, Christine is indeed a valued member of our faculty. You can find her either running around to coordinate schedules or managing the front reception area. She is always the welcome smile we've come to expect as we come through to Bella Elite Beauty.