EVENTS - A Take On Continuing Beauty Education

As with many of the choices we have facing us as beauty professionals, the countless choices for advanced and continuing education are pretty wide ranging, and can sometimes be downright scary. The decision to move forward and expand our knowledge, as we know, is one that we need to make to maintain an edge in the industry and to service our clients better. But which ones do we choose? How does it fit into the bigger picture of our career? What is offered? Can I afford it? What skills do I learn?

When we set out to offer continuing education, we too had to make many decisions about what it meant. How it will be offered? What were the main concepts we wanted to present? Once answered, we knew that we needed to fulfill all of our values and to make this education attainable. And so we asked ourselves... Can it fit into the lives and careers of everyone? Can we create modules with less time committed for our students? Can we make it efficient? Can we customize modules? Once we asked all of our departments... The answer was simple, it was a very enthusiastic YES!

Now, if you've read our previous blogs and you know our education systems and staff, you know that we tend to be yes people at Bella Elite Beauty. But once we say yes, that is when the work really starts. All of our Lead Educators, Marketing groups, Administration Staff and of course our Owner came to the table with many obstacles and problems. These needed to be solved dynamically, something that could evolve and change with student needs. This brought us to launching something very exciting. EVENTS!


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The event model for continuing education has proven to have its own personality, complete with its own set of obstacles and problems. But what it had to offer far outweighed any issues we may have had rolling it out. How would we sell tickets? When would they be? What are the main areas of education we can offer this way? These of course were the simple solutions. But when we thought about it, we knew we could do anything, as long as it was true to our values of high quality education that is attainable.

When we migrated our website earlier this year we sought to have systems built in. This meant that ticket sales, timing, and of course the web pages associated were all functioning and custom built before we ever even looked at what we would offer. And now that we have done all of that (after months of very hard work) we are now able to set the stage for an event schedule and offerings that is innovative, attainable and easy to access.

As we work to present our first events and smooth out any obstacles we overcome, we are confident in our decision to keep our community engaged in education. The following areas are the main types of events we plan to have:


We have always committed to having an incredible graduation ceremony complete with dinner, dressing up, dancing and speeches. We believe in reward for hard work. Creating this celebration has opened doors and is always improving. New celebration events could include class reunions, faculty and student appreciation and client celebrations. This category will always be one that we love and continue to develop.


We love to share information and experience. Its one of our core values. Whether it be makeup, hair or esthetic information and updates, we have always wanted to be able to create events that opens up to a group to do this. These events will be designed to be efficient, share information and to discuss the industry. We also hope that they can create opportunities for attendees to network, and of course make friends.


This category took the most work and detail solution finding. We wanted to be able to offer classes and courses to students that were very efficient, cost effective and accessible. These events are designed to deliver skills in Hair Dressing, Makeup Artistry and Beauty Services. They most often include the practice of skills along with modules of theory to help students attain a higher level of expertise or certification.


We extensively tested this type of event in the past to learn about what our clients and students were interested in. Primarily, this type of invitational event is about providing exclusive or private services, an exhibit of some sort and an experience to a select group of people. We hope to bring seasonal Gala Events when we can and strive to maintain focus on experiences for both our beloved clients and students.


We often have students who wish to expand their experiences in areas that aren't often offered on the salon floor. We also have opportunities with our beauty partners to offer industry access to their products, services and experiences. These events offer ticket holders the opportunity to exclusive access in the Bella Elite world.

Creating dynamic events has always been a concept we knew would be a big part of our educational process. As with anything, it comes with excitement, uncertainty and a lot of work. For this reason, our events program will always be changing and evolving into what our students need. Whether they be new, alumni or existing they are always our focus, and we hope that this launch is as exciting for them as it is for us!


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