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Course Length: 2-3 Days

Included in Diploma Programs: Evolution (Studio elective)

Course Type: Module Elective 

Prerequisite: Studio  - Minimum age: 18

External Models Required: 1 (Minimum age: 18)

Learn body mapping techniques, application and timing tips and balance theory in a closed set environment with one on one time with our amazing instructors. This course provokes creativity and applied skills.

*Due to course content, all persons are required to be 18 years of age or older.

*This course does contain nudity in an artful way.

*Students are required to use their Axiom Makeup Kit for this course.


Course Length: 2 Days

Included in Diploma Programs: Elite & Evolution (Studio integrated)

Course Type: Module 

Prerequisite: Axiom

External Models Required: 1

Learn the theory and concept of planning and balance for fantasy makeup. This course offers one on one time with instructors to help build skill and abstract theory composition within students. Students have the opportunity to work on their model and have a photo shoot afterwards. This allows students to place production work within their portfolio and learn about working within the confines of a closed set.

Students are required to bring their Axiom Makeup Kit for this course.

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